Interactive work table

A tactile touch solution introducing museum visitors to the making of a lithograph and an engraving. The interactive work table is developed in close collaboration with the New Zealand based production company Gibson Group.

Art Direction: Jakob Thorbek
Design: Jakob Thorbek, Jenz Koudahl
Lau Futtrup Rasmussen, 
Frontend: Lau Futtrup Rasmussen
Backend: Gibson Group
Project Manager: Christina Holm

Museum Jorn


Museum Jorn, a Danish art museum, houses a large collection of graphic art works. It wanted to invite museum visitors to explore the printing processes and the printing techniques behind the graphic works in a highly involving way.

The tangible interactive work table provides the visitor with a tactile, true-to-life introduction to the making of a lithograph and an engraving, using projections on tangible work tools on a wooden work table.
The user draws her own motif on an actual lithography limestone, or creates her own engraving on a copper plate. She is guided step-by-step through the process and introduced to the tools used for these printing methods.
Burin, inks, litho crayon, sponge, turpentine and other tools are placed on the work table and act as tangible, three-dimensional touch points to the user. The final image can be shared or saved by scanning a QR-code.